Friday, August 31, 2018

A Pensive Cast-off

Photo by Carl Mydans

Mid July 1950.  These are a sampling of 1st Cavalry Division men aboard an LST bound for Korea.  These men will land unopposed on July 18 on the beach at Pohang-dong on South Korea's east coast.  As this picture was taken, they knew little about the war except that it was only about 20 days old and it was not going well at all.  They gather at the railing, pondering the sudden end of their easy occupation duties as they watch the methodical retrieval of mooring lines on the dock below.  The 1st Cav would soon take its place on the Pusan Perimeter, bolstering the tattered remnants of the 24th Infantry Division that preceded them into combat. These were "cavalrymen" in name only; they functioned like any other infantry division, proceeding to war either on foot or courtesy of a GMC "deuce-and-a-half" truck.

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