Friday, March 30, 2018

...about the curious journeys of Philip Hughes

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The Battle of Turkey Thicket is the true story of Philip Thomas Hughes, an orphan who sought to escape the comfortable monotony of a mid 20th century life. In recounting Philip’s journeys, we witness the civic evolution of Washington, D.C., Chicago’s Skid Row, romance amidst Japan’s post-World War II reconstruction, and the chaotic battlefields of the Korean War.
At the same time, the story of Philip and his family is one of spiritual faith that was formed, challenged, and reconstituted through sacrifice.

Researched and written by Christopher Russell for Baritone Books, The Battle of Turkey Thicket reveals the history behind a forgotten memorial, while rescuing the story of Philip Thomas Hughes – and his journeys – from oblivion. Available now on Amazon.

"I wish everyone would read this book. The Korean War is largely forgotten in the United States, although Korea is so much in the news these days. The soldiers who fell in that war are a minor footnote to history for many people. But their lives matter and we should understand their sacrifice."A.G. Moore, Midwest Book Review, August 2017.

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