Friday, March 23, 2018

Jeep Convoy

Summer 1950.  Korea. This image by Life Magazine's Carl Mydans has been captioned elsewhere as depicting troops from the 1st Cavalry Division.  Perhaps that is correct, but the unit affiliation stenciled on the bumper of the jeep to the center right suggests otherwise. Close examination shows "24-34-1" which implies 24th Division, 34th Regiment, 1st Battalion.  The rest of the bumper inscription (on the driver's side) is unintelligible, but it may read "HQ" for headquarters company.  If so, this could be the I&R (intelligence and reconnaissance) platoon of Headquarters company, since I&R units operated a fleet of jeeps like this.

Pvt. Philip Hughes's B Company was a component of 24/34/1.  If Philip passed through this stretch, he probably did so riding in the back of a GMC two-and-a-half ton cargo truck.

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